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FilterLogic CFL651 Silicone Grease 100g Large Tube

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FilterLogic's CFL651 is a food-grade silicone lubricant designed to complement our full range of coffee accessory products and help keep your machine running optimally.

FilterLogic's CFL651M silicone grease/lubricant for coffee machines is suitable for all seals, gaskets, portafilters, o-rings, etc. and is compatible with both EDPM and nitrile components.

Most machines, including Krups, Delonghi and Saeco, have servicing requirements which can be completed at home by a competent DIY'er. Lubricating o-rings and gaskets during such cleaning processes enables the parts to re-fit and locate as intended which reduces the friction where surfaces compress, therefore greatly extending the life of such parts and preventing cracks in the seals from occurring.

Brew units for most fully automatic bean to cup machines should be lubricated every six months. Lack of lubrication often manifests itself with creaking, cracking or high pitched screeches randomly emitting from the brew-unit, and when this starts, it's indicative of your machine requiring some attention. Failing to take care of the critical mechanical parts of your machine will almost certainly lead to your machine faulting prematurely. 

For grouphead/portafilters and associated seals, you should always refer to your maintenance schedules  as whilst some require lubrication, others are intended to fit dry. 

FilterLogic's  CFL650M silicone grease has a working temperature range of -40 to +180°C, meaning it will remain in its applied state without gumming during operation of the machine. 

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