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FilterLogic CFL-990 - 12 Month Maintenance Kit/Pack for Delonghi

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With this complete maintenance kit comprised of FilterLogic products, you can be confident that you will have everything you need to keep your machine clean and limescale free from an entire year. What's more, you can be assured that your water will be free from impurities so your coffee can taste as good as possible.

This is a complete FilterLogic CFL-990 maintenance pack for your coffee machine. It contains all you need to ensure your machine is in full working order and specifically designed for machines that use the Delonghi DLSC002 / SER3017 cartridge.

Included in this pack you will find descaling tablets and cleaning powder as well as cloths and a brush to keep both the inside and outside of your machine clean. We have also included silicone grease for the maintenance of  seals, o-rings, etc. as well as test strips to ensure your water is as it should be for the perfect coffee.

The pack contains:
8 x CFL-950 Water Filter Cartridges
1 x 40 Pack of CFL-692M Descaling Tablets *
1 x 900g Machine Cleaner 
2 x FilterLogic Cleaning Cloths 
1 x FilterLogic Cleaning Brush 
1 x FilterLogic Silicone Grease 
1 x FilterLogic Water Hardness Test Strips (5 Strips)

* Please note that due to a lack of stock, FilterLogic CFL-692M Descaling tablets may be replaced by Urnex D61 120 pack descaling tablets.

The CFL-950 is our compatible water filter cartridge to the Delonghi DLS C002, used within many Delonghi coffee machines, including many Bean to Cup models.

The taste and aroma of your coffee will be improved with the CFL-950 as it removes impurities such as chlorine. The cartridge will also reduce limescale to further improve your coffee experience and protect your appliance from limescale build up.

For the best results, we recommend the filter is changed at least every two months or every 50 litres, whichever comes soonest. Compatible with the following machines:

EC800 Series
EC820.B, EM850.M, EC860.M

ESAM Series
ESAM6900 – Primadonna Exclusive
ESAM6700 – Primadonna Avant
ESAM6620 – Primadonna
ESAM04.350.S – Magnifica Pronto Cappuccino
ESAM4200.S – Magnifica
ESAM04.110.S – Magnifica
ESAM4000B – Magnifica
ESAM2600 – Magnifica Caffe Corso

ECAM Series
ECAM 22.110.SB Magnifica S
ECAM 22.230.S Magnifica S Plus
ECAM 22.360.S Magnifica S Cappuccino
ECAM 26.465 Primadonna S Deluxe
ECAM 45.760.B Eletta Cappuccino
ECAM 44.620 S Eletta Plus

ETAM Series
ETAM 36.365 Primadonna XS Deluxe

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