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Jura CLARIS Blue Filter (Hexagonal Push-Fit)

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High-quality water doesn't just preserve the life and hygiene of your machine, it also guarantees coffee that tastes beautifully pure. The CLARIS Blue from Jura filters the water so that contaminant levels are reduced, whilst retaining those components that are crucial for full flavour development in coffee.

Specifically designed for modern automatic machines with a one-touch cappuccino function, the CLARIS Blue filter from Jura helps maintain your machine whilst delivering perfect coffee.  The cartridge contains a mineral which stabilises calcium carbonate; the main component of limescale. In equipment such as coffee machines, where water is heated and turns to steam, lime molecules become separated from the water and  are left behind as a residue within the internal components. This residue can build up, causing blockages, corrosion and inefficiencies within the system. What's more, it can even affect the taste of the coffee that the machine is producing.

The CLARIS Blue filter prevents calcium carbonate from being deposited into the fluid system of the machine, even when steam preparation functions are used on a frequent basis. As well as preventing limescale, the CLARIS Blue also filters out many other contaminants which can compromise the flavour and aroma of the water, and therefore impact upon the quality of the coffee produced.  Whilst effectively reducing unwanted substances, the CLARIS Blue is able to retain minerals and fluorides that are important to health and the development of flavour during the coffee brewing process.

These filters can be used with any mains water across the globe and are effective at filtering limescale to an optimum level even in areas of soft water. When used and replaced correctly, the CLARIS Blue removes the need to descale your Jura machine all together, making operation and maintenance that much simpler. The CLARIS Blue filter cartridge is for use in any Jura machine which has a blue filter holder in its water tank. It is recommended that the filter is replaced every 2-3 months (although this is dependent on level of machine use). Filters are available for purchase individually or in a set of three which offers excellent value for money due to quantity savings. 

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