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Jura Descaling Tablets - Pack of 36

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Limescale build up can wreak havoc on appliances, making them inefficient and drastically reduce their lifespan. To prevent this from happening to their automatic coffee machines and ensure the quality of your coffee remains exceptional, Jura have developed 2-phase descaling tablets which offer removal of and protection against scale.

Specially designed for Jura machines, these 2-phase descaling tablets have an optimised dissolving time, remove scale effectively and provide a long-lasting defence.

During phase one, the ingredients of the tablets work within the system to carefully eliminate scale build up from the machine. Phase two then seals the fluid system in order to prevent corrosion and guard important internal components such as the pipes and thermoblock from the effects of limescale.

These tablets are easy to use in line with your machine's integrated descaling programme. All that is required is for 3 tablets to be dissolved in the specified volume of lukewarm water, the descaling programme to be initiated on your machine, and the descaling solution to then be added to the machine's water tank at the directed time. The entire process only takes a few minutes but significantly extends the life of your machine.

Jura's 2-phase descaling tablets come in a 3x3 pack or a 36 pack. It is recommended that they are used alongside the original 2-phase cleaning tablets in order to maintain your machine and keep it as hygienic as possible.

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